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T+C coin purse - BW/Tan

T+C Shop

Timber and Cloth is proud to announce the launch of our online shop. You can now purchase the goods our Upholstery clients have been hiring us to custom make: Pillows, Floor Cubes, Furniture Legs and more!

Get in touch and let us know what you'd like to see added - we will be adding our custom ottomans and a selection of restored furniture pieces soon, so stay tuned.

Use Promo Code - FREESHIP at checkout!

T+C coin purse - BW/Tan


T+C coin purse - BW/Tan


T+C coin purse - Black/White and Tan

Timber and Cloth strives to be a no waste shop, in order to do that we have found creative ways to use some of our finest materials -including this coin purse made from 100% Pendleton Wool and 100% genuine untreated leather.

5" X 7" fully lined and zipper enclosure.

**fits a standard iPhone perfectly

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